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Sofia Drabbles

I’ve been living in Sofia since June 2018. It’s a fascinating city at a fascinating time but it’s neglected – I doubt most people could place Bulgaria on a map and there’s very little written about it, even less that’s written well. Therefore, I thought I’d have a crack at it. I don’t know when […]

Where’s the design stuff gone?

Market forces. I haven’t done any commercial design work for about eighteen months – it’s all been business writing and teaching. I thought I’d make the transition official so I’ve updated the website accordingly. Nevertheless, if you’d like to look at my old design portfolio you can find it here.

Another Q&A for Faber & Faber

I took part in a few more live chats recently for students on Faber & Faber’s online writing courses. Just like the chats in November, The Professional Writing Academy very kindly tidied up my answers and put them together into a blog post.

Falmouth Rowdy Dickhead Night Bingo!

Thursday night in Falmouth is Rowdy Dickhead Night. I don’t know why it should be a Thursday, I just know that it gets LOUD.

I used to live in a flat on the main street that overlooked the route between the pubs in the centre of town and a bar that has a licence until 3am. It was a typically narrow Cornish street which meant all the noise was directed upwards and, as the building I lived in was listed, there was no double-glazing to block out the noise. If I didn’t get to sleep before 11pm I was awake until about 3.30am when I’d get about an hour or so before the delivery vans for the shops and restaurants started thundering through town.

I did this on a night that I failed to get to sleep in time. I thought I might as well do something productive instead of laying there swearing and imagining what might happen if I had a crossbow…