I wrote my first strapline in 1998: Doncaster Town Centre – It’s right up my street!

They put it on a T-shirt.

I also spent about twenty years working as a graphic designer which is a great background for a copywriter. At heart, good writing and good design are both about the same thing: good communication.

A brand’s identity doesn’t just come from the words they use, how they’re presented will have a huge impact on how they’re read. Text always has to fit with layout, imagery and format – your words and your visuals both need to get across your message in a way that’s right for your audience. For everything to work together you need clarity, consistency and creativity.

As a freelancer, I generally white-label my services so I’m going to respect the confidentiality of my clients. However, you can see some of the products and services I’ve written about below.

Industrial floor cleaning equipment

Nail varnish
Logistics and distribution
Animal charities
Care homes
Fork lift trucks
Estate Agents
Marine safety equipment and maintenance
Drones and drone protection