Thankfully, the old model of squeezing staff until they’ve nothing left to give is over and organisations now understand the benefits of a loyal and fulfilled workforce. A happy team generates more business and it’s much more likely that valuable employees will stay, cutting down on costly recruitment processes. Here are a few tips for how to invest in your employees:

1. Get To Know Them

It’s worth taking the time to understand your employees on a personal level. As well as creating a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere at work, you’ll find out the best way to help them progress and be able to tell if something is wrong.

2. Get Them Involved

Introduce them to people and help them feel part of the team. If someone feels invested in their colleagues and the business, they’ll be more motivated and inspired to do well.

3. Be Flexible

It’s not always possible but in general, letting employees have some say in the structure of their working day goes a long way to helping them feel at ease in their job. It gives them the freedom to work in the way that they find most productive without the added stress of organising childcare or fitting in other essential commitments.

4. Provide Opportunities

Lack of career progression is one of the most common reasons for employees leaving their jobs. The pay and conditions might be great but if they can’t grow within the company, they’ll feel as though they’re stagnating. Be sure to keep providing your staff with fresh challenges and goals. This will give them something to aim for so that they don’t start to feel disenfranchised or frustrated.

5. Invest In Training

Equipping your team with new skills is an investment in your company’s future. Training builds loyalty and helps with your staff’s professional development – they may also learn some techniques and approaches that prove valuable to the working practices of the whole business.

6. Organise Events

Friendships at work really boost employee satisfaction so it’s worth finding ways to encourage this. Team building exercises, offsite away days, sporting and social events – these all give people something to look forward to and go a long way towards establishing a strong sense of camaraderie.

7. Have Regular Reviews

Being recognised for good work is important so making sure people feel appreciated is vital in maintaining a strong team. A regular performance review or progress meeting will help to track an employee’s achievements while giving them direction and setting new goals.

8. Invest In Technology

There are few things more frustrating than working with obsolete or malfunctioning technology. A constantly jammed printer or an operating system that isn’t compatible with any other form of software will have a dramatic impact not only on productivity but the overall job satisfaction of your staff. To keep everything running smoothly, give everyone the right tools for the job and try to keep up to date with regular upgrades.

9. Offer Incentives

Financial rewards always work well but there are other ways to make someone feel invested in the company besides offering a performance-based commission. Sometimes little things such as bringing in food, organising theme days or running competitions can get your team working together and encourage them to really get involved in the culture of the company.

10. Create A Happy Workplace

Lots of light, lots of air and plenty of personal space will let your employees feel comfortable and relaxed at work. Bright pictures and some potted plants also work wonders in boosting moral and increasing motivation, especially during those dark winter months when it’s raining outside.

If you have any more tips for how to invest in your employees, please let us know – we’d love to hear about your experiences.